Industria Novum

About us

The management of the holding company strategically manages the structure of successful companies and at the same time constantly develops and strengthens the synergies between them.


Activities of Industria Novum stand on a broad network of our own and cooperating experts from other related fields. The support team of profesional  ensures process optimisation, value chain expansion, and efficient use of side streams. The group cooperates closely with universities and scientific institutions, sectoral associations, both at home and abroad.

The activity of Industria Novum is characterised by constant growth and innovation.

Peter Kostík


Peter Kostík is the executive director of Industria Novum, a.s., which covers companies from the AZC group operating mainly in the field of renewable energy production and related services. He is responsible for the strategic and investment management of the companies belonging to the Industria Novum portfolio.

Peter Kostík has  over 20 years of experience in executive and control positions in various companies specialising in the field of the renewable energy industry  and is a recognised expert in the  biofuels production. He was a member of the Managing Board of the Slovak Technical University, and is currently a member and the vice-chair of the Executive Board of the Slovak Association for the Production and Use of Biofuels  (ZVVB).

He graduated from Comenius University in Bratislava and the City University.

Lucie Schweizer

Law and Compliance Director

Lucie Schweizer is the law and compliance director in Industria Novum, a.s. She is responsible for the management of processes in the field of compliance and corporate governance of the companies  belonging to the Industria Novum portfolio.

Lucie Schweizer has  over 20 years of experience in legal advisory services and the coordination of international projects, the setting of shareholder cooperation within joint ventures, and the implementation of internal compliance processes. She has extensive experience as a lecturer and author of professional articles and publications. 

She graduated from Comenius University in Bratislava and  University of Trnava.

Our team shares common values, such as


We are our partners’ first choice for low-emission mobility solutions.

The group is motivated by the goal of further growth – we are constantly looking for new investment opportunities and valuable partnerships in Europe and the world.

Innovation is part of our growth