Partner of the next generations

We are a significant European group of companies that belongs to the leaders in the field of the highly regulated energy industry. We particularly focus on the sustainable production of biofuels, their innovations, but also trade and logistics along with conventional alternatives.

Our companies are mostly situated in the Central and Eastern Europe, but we also expand our activities to other continents, such as Asia.

The group provides reliable and well-tried solutions based on a functional, economical and sustainable model of production. Thanks to our presence in many European markets,  we are capable of covering large areas and high demand for products including the highly competitive ARA region (the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp commodity hub).

Activities of the Industria Novum Group:

Our product portfolio includes

Conventional bioethanol, biodiesel, including advanced biodiesel with a wide range of by-products,  feedstock DDGS and rapeseed meal, as well as top quality glycerine for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries use, lecithin sludges, fossil fuels, and lubricants.

In addition to production, the group also provides other specialised services, especially logistics – storage and transportation of products.